Matt Bacon

With his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State, Matt Bacon has dedicated his life to thinking way too much about television shows and films. Now he's writing about them here so people will pay him to write about the same things elsewhere.

Disney Speedstorm: Keep Away Until Free-to-Play!

As far as gameplay is concerned, Disney Speedstorm is at the top of the pack, but when it comes to monetization and mobile-game mechanics, this game is one of the absolute worst offenders.

Woah, this CHIP N’ DALE: RESCUE RANGERS teaser is surprisingly good!

Someone get Stefon on the phone, because this teaser for Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers has everything: Paula Abdul DJing with MC Skat Kat, CGI surgery, Seth Rogen’s laugh, the Cats from Cats, the many ponies of “My Little Pony”.

‘Promare’ is a Master Class in Japanese Animation

Hands down, Promare is one of the most stunning animated films I have had the pleasure of watching. From the hybridization of cell-shaded CG...

‘The Little Things’ Has a Lot of Things to Like

Initially, I had little to no interest in this film, mostly because I'm not a fan of Jared Leto. I love Denzel Washington and...

‘Pixar Popcorn’ – A Ranking

This past Friday, Pixar released ten all-new shorts - the longest runs about three minutes - with little to no dialogue, each one containing...