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Woah, this CHIP N’ DALE: RESCUE RANGERS teaser is surprisingly good!

Someone get Stefon on the phone, because this teaser for Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers has everything: Paula Abdul DJing with MC Skat Kat, CGI surgery, Seth Rogen’s laugh, the Cats from Cats, the many ponies of “My Little Pony”.

‘Promare’ is a Master Class in Japanese Animation

Hands down, Promare is one of the most stunning animated films I have had the pleasure of watching. From the hybridization of cell-shaded CG...

‘The Little Things’ Has a Lot of Things to Like

Initially, I had little to no interest in this film, mostly because I'm not a fan of Jared Leto. I love Denzel Washington and...

‘Pixar Popcorn’ – A Ranking

This past Friday, Pixar released ten all-new shorts - the longest runs about three minutes - with little to no dialogue, each one containing...